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BitNinja - Server Security

BitNinja SiteProtection is a security solution to protect your websites from malware, hackers, bots by patching CMS and CMS plugin vulnerabilities.

SiteProtection gives you control over your websites’ security while also giving you a fully automated system to provide you a high level of protection.

How we protect you:

– Remove infections: Backdoors and malware are detected and removed from your domain.

– Website hardening: SiteProtection patches your websites’ vulnerabilities making them impenetrable.

– 24/7 security monitoring: All of your sites’ logs are continuously monitored by SitePrtotection to detect any threat and block the attackers

– Automatized Protection: SiteProtection’s AI is proactively looking for possible vulnerabilities and adapts your websites’ shield accordingly

– By protecting your website BitNinja SiteProtection makes sure your customers and your data are safe and your site will be available no matter what attacks are launched against it. So you don’t lose revenue and your reputation is safe.


  • IP Reputation management
  • Global defense network
  • Unified Dashboard
  • Real-time protection
  • CAPTCHA/BIC security
  • WL/BL Management
  • Weekly security reports
  • DoS Mitigation
  • Log Analysis
  • Antiflood
  • Malware Detection
  • SSL Termination
  • WAF 2.0
  • Web Honeypots
  • Port Honeypots
  • Defense Robot


Proactive Protection

A reactive mindset focuses on what happens if a threat occurs. Having a proactive cybersecurity strategy means being prepared for attacks before they happen. The combination of our unique methods prevents every BitNinja defended server from future attacks.

Defense Network

The pillar of our proactive strategy is the Defense Network. Every BitNinja protected server worldwide shares information with each other about the most recent attacks. This unique crowdsourcing method is the best way to defend against the latest vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks. The Defense Network gets stronger with every new server, and this synergetic effect gives high value for each BitNinja user around the world.

Upsell Opportunity

BitNinja has a product add-on called SiteProtection. This is an upsell opportunity for your company to offer website owners a hands-free security solution that includes malware removal, automatic backups, vulnerability patching, and reporting.

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