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Un-Managed Memory Intensive VPS India

Grow your business on a robust Virtual Private Server from EzerHost.

What is Un-Managed VPS?

Un-Managed VPS are servers in which we provide no maintenance or management, no support, and the VPSs are managed entirely by the users. The only thing that we are responsible for is the availability of a functional physical/Virtual server. Some users prefer the higher levels of freedom offered by un-managed VPSs and choose them over fully managed servers. Users with technological savvy and experience should seriously consider un-managed VPSs.

To properly run an unmanaged VPS, a user needs to have all the technical skills required to understand and operate the server. If you are a talented tech professional, an un-managed VPS is almost certainly what you want to choose. If you have very little knowledge of web servers and no funds to hire a full time IT professional, consider a Managed VPS. If the server is not performing the way you would like it to, we will not be responsible for anything and please note you will not be entitle for any cancellation or Refund on these Un-Managed VPS.

Un-Managed Memory Intensive VPS

When the memory-hungry applications or tasks are your priority then you require more RAM. You can run business applications like high-performance databases, in-memory analytics, genome assembly, and other similar enterprise applications. Pick a plan which offers you more price to performance ratio of per GB RAM. You can select the memory-intensive plans ranging from VPS1 upto 240GB of dedicated RAM.

99.9% Uptime DDOS Protection Full Root Access Dedicated IP Dedicated Resources

All of Our VPS Hosting Packages Come With:

  • Unlimited Domains and Websites
  • Free Solid-State Drives
  • Custom Advanced Policy Firewall
  • SSH Access
  • eCommerce Optimized
  • Optional Root Access
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Onboarding consultation & analysis
  • Application & plugin install
  • Automated application updates
  • Security scan & malware removal

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

Feel at home with a VPS packed full of your favourite features, Boost performance with EZERHOST
100% Intel CPU and 100% SSD platform.

Activate in minutes,
online 24x7

World Wide

99.9% Uptime



Control panel

Root administrator

1 GBPS Network Speed

We Have More Hosting Options For You!

Ezerhost is dedicated to offer cheapest web hosting services with advanced high-performance high-end servers including Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers. Check out our other options -

Linux Web Hosting

Starting at


Managed Memory Intensive VPS

Powerful, Secure & Reliable Hosting for your Business

Uptime 99.9%

Dedicated CPU

1 Dedicated IP

Dedicated RAM

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

OS CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora etc.

Windows VPS

Starting at


Un-Managed Windows VPS

Powerful, Secure & Reliable Hosting for your Business

Uptime 99.9%

Dedicated CPU

1 Dedicated IP

Dedicated RAM

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

OS Windows 2012/2016/2019

Operating Systems

VPS hosting platform with maximum speed &amp; stability When purchasing a VPS, it comes with a list of Operating Systems templates,<br />
all Linux based, which can be installed in a couple of clicks, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself.

500+ Applications Supported

State of the Art Data Centre

At EzerHost, we house our servers in highly-secure and ultra-modern Tier 4 & Tier 3 data centers with best connectivity and performance of servers

Frequently Asked Questions

A VPS hosting environment mimics a Dedicated Server within a multi-tenant environment. Each VPS hosting server gets dedicated resources from the host server, which offers a great amount of reliability and performance.

With EzerHost's VPS Hosting, your website will have all the important features — ranging from Full root access to Guaranteed CPU, RAM, SSD Storage & Network and Management options like Stop, Restart and Rebuild for complete autonomy of the servers.

Uses of VPS can be endless. It can be a solution for an upgrade from Shared Hosting, Web Hosting Server, CMS's, Custom Applications, Test Environment, etc. to name a few.

Yes, You can buy a VPS hosting plan with cPanel or Plesk. Based on your selection during the purchase, we auto-install the panel on the server for you.

You get one Dedicated IP with every VPS Hosting Plan.

Yes, you can upgrade the VPS Hosting plan as your business grows. We do not support downgrades.

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