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What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is a type web hosting where a physical server is divided into multiple virtual private servers. Each virtual private server operates independently, with its own allocated resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage. VPS gives more control and flexibility compared to shared hosting, as users have full root access to their virtual private server and can install software and configure settings as they wish. With VPS hosting, you get dedicated resources without the cost of a dedicated server. This means with VPS Hosting you get better performance, scalability, and security for your website or application. VPS hosting is a popular choice for websites with moderate to high traffic volumes or for businesses that require custom configurations and control over their hosting environment. Whether you’re running a small blog, an e-commerce site, or a complex web application, VPS hosting provides the resources and flexibility you need to succeed online.

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12 Regions, 22+ Locations, Global Availability

Jumpstart your expanding web endeavors with our ultra-scalable infrastructure, robust power, high-speed bandwidth, redundant network, and top-tier data centers.


VPS Hosting Servers Loaded With Features

Own your virtual presence with the power of EzerHost with 500,000 websites already under our care.

Instant Provisioning

Maximize Value with No Overselling. Thanks to KVM hypervisors offering 100% resources all time

Guaranteed Resources

Most Hosting Provider take hours or sometimes even days to deliver. But we’ve designed our VPS servers to provision immediately. Get up and running in minutes!

1 GBPS Port Speed

Fast loading times = Great Performance! Enjoy our unrestricted 1Gbps network per VPS hosting server and stay ahead your competitors.

24/7 Expert Support

We have a huge support team of certified professionals with deep expertise in solving your issues promptly and efficiently.

All VPS Hosting Plans Comes With:

Free Migration

Want to transfer your website to EzerHost? We’ve got you covered. Our website migration experts do everything on your behalf. This is free of charge first time and with almost no downtime.

We make sure transfer or upgrading to our servers is smooth!

A free website migration is included with our vps hosting plan.

Get in touch with our team on email or live chat & request for website migration.

Your website is ready. Get, set and ready to conquer the online world

Your Choice of Operating System

VPS hosting server platform with maximum speed & stability.VPS Hosting comes with list of Operating Systems templates,
all Linux and windows based, which can be installed in a couple of clicks, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself.

VPS Hosting Provider Comparison

EzerHost LogoMilesweb LogoHostgator LogoGodaddy LogoBig Rock LogoBlueHost LogoHostinger Logo
VPS Cost799₹ 2750₹ 1999₹ 2249₹ 2149₹ 3659₹ 1599
Same RenewalYesYesNoNoNoNoNo

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We highly appreciate the kind and stellar feedback from our customers immensely.

As per me better than milesweb
as compared to the experience i had with my last hosting company milesweb , i have foud ezerhost much better the prices are less and the support is good
Manish Sharma

Its been 3 years now
Its been three years now with ezerhost. I would really like the team for the best support. I purchased reseller and vps to host my clients sites, really happy with the quick turnaround.
Arpita Jinawala

Migration support
Thanks for the migration support kapil and team . all our websites were migrated to the ezerhost servers with almost no downtime really saved us in front of our customers.
Sanjeet goyal

FAQ's VPS Hosting?

What is vps hosting ?

A VPS hosting environment mimics a Dedicated Server within a multi-tenant environment. Each VPS hosting server gets dedicated resources from the host server, which offers a great amount of reliability and performance. 

What are the advantages of VPS Server Hosting?

With EzerHost's VPS Hosting, your website will have all the important features — ranging from Full root access to Guaranteed CPU, RAM, SSD Storage & Network and Management options like Stop, Restart and Rebuild for complete autonomy of the servers.

What are the uses of VPS Hosting?

Uses of VPS Server can be endless. It can be a solution for an upgrade from Shared Hosting, Web Hosting Server, CMS's, Custom Applications, Test Environment, etc. to name a few. 

Can i install Panels Like Plesk or cPanel on my VPS Server?

Yes, You can buy a VPS hosting plan with cPanel or Plesk. Based on your selection during the purchase, we auto-install the panel on the server for you. We also have VPS Hosting with Cpanel Plans, these are preinstalled with cpanel and optimized .

What is the difference between Windows VPS & Linux VPS ?

Windows VPS runs on Windows Server, is often the pricier one cause of the Windows license cost, its user-friendly with GUIs, best for Windows-specific software, and has solid support. Linux VPS uses Linux OS, is cheaper, requires more command-line skills, preferred for open-source software, potentially better performance, and has a strong community for support.

EzerHost Offers Lowest VPS Price for windows vps and linux vps hosting in the industry

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